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The maritime industry is unique, and for the people working in it, it is often much more than a job, it’s a passion. Our partners and associates have a true understanding of the industry and will guide you seamlessly through the hiring process.


Flagship Management’s state-of-the-art systems and infrastructure deliver an exceptional level of productivity and efficiency for our clients.

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Flagship Management’s state-of-the-art systems and infrastructure deliver an exceptional level of productivity and efficiency for our clients.

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In the Global economy the maritime industry is unique, and, for the people working in it, is often much more than just a job... it’s a passion.

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Executive Search for corporate leaders, board members, chief executives, and senior level management is a process that will have long lasting impacts on your business. We are committed to understanding and aligning with your strategic, operational, and financial objectives to find leaders with the right fit for your requirements.

We have developed and continue to build relationships with the most talented people around the world. Our relationships across many industry sectors provide us access to individuals with different experience, perspectives, and views.

Each executive search is unique and as such we tailor a different approach to each assignment. Our methods produce distinctive candidates with strong character and relevant credentials. We work to understand your culture, business environment, and desired outcomes.

Working with you, we will find and attract winning candidates to take leadership roles in your organization.


Initial Client Meeting

We meet with you to discuss the job opportunities within your company. This is a crucial part of the search process as it allows for a better understanding of your organization and corporate culture and specific profile requirements for the roles.


Vacancy Profile

Based on the vacancy profile presented by you, we create a job description identifying the responsibilities of the role and outline all experience and education criteria for posting to our website, relevant social media, and internet sources and contacts.


Candidate Search

We begin a thorough and extensive search of our database, alternative internet sites, social networks, and contacts and direct applicants to create a qualifying list of potential suitable candidates


Candidate Shortlist

We conduct internal interviews with shortlisted candidates to explore their circumstances and career objectives and to discuss the specifics of the role to ensure all criteria are met.


Candidate Submission

Reference checks are conducted on all candidates to be presented.

Our top qualifying candidates will be submitted to you for consideration along with any relevant information gathered during our internal interviews and we await feedback on your selection for the interview stage.


Interview Preparation

We assist in arranging compatible interview times with your selected candidates. Prior to the interview date, we will thoroughly prepare our candidates for the interview process.


Candidate Interview

We await your feedback on our candidates and will assist in organizing 2nd interviews if required.


Offer and Negotiation

Once an offer has been extended, we will mediate between you and the selected candidate to ensure negotiations run smoothly and that the needs of both parties are being met.


Offer Acceptance

Once your offer has been accepted, we will continue to maintain the relationship between you and our candidate to ensure a smooth transition to your company.

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